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Peke-A-Boo Kennels

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Upcoming breeding!

The Pekinese National Anthem.
The Pekinese
Distain to pleas
On any set design,
But make a thrall
Of one and all
By simple Right Divine.
The Pekinese
Our houses seize
And mould them til they suit,
For every one
's Napoleon
And Wellington to boot.
The Pekinese
requires no voice to plead;
Those shining eyes;
So soft and wise,
Get everything they need.
The Pekinese
Abstain from fleas
And doggy things like that,
But hate it when
Unthinking men
Compare them to the cat.
The Pekinese
From Autumn trees
Their colour scheme obtain;
And all their lives
Their frugal wives
From any change refrain.
The Pekinese
Have feathered knees,
And plumes where tails should be,
And as they race
About the place
They ripple like the sea.
The Pekinese
Although such wees,
Are destitute of fear;
Both fleet and strong,
They bound along
As buoyant as the deer.
The Pekinese
Say "bread and cheese
Will do for such as you;
For us a fare
More choice and rare,
And jolly punctual too".
The Pekinese
Adore their ease
And slumber like the dead;
In comfort curled
They view the World
As one unending bed.
The Pekinese
On China's seas
Embarked to win the West;
A piece of Ming
's lovely thing,
But Oh! the dogs are best.
E. V. Lucas.



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